Meaning of Inhospitable

What is Inhospitable:

Inhospitable is considered a space that does not offer the necessary conditions for human survival.

The word inhospitable derives from Latin inhospitus, composed of the prefix in- indicating "the negative of" and the root hospes or hospitals which means host. In this way, an inhospitable place indicates that there is no shelter against the elements of nature.

Synonyms for inhospitable are desolate, severe, harsh, extreme. Inhospitable can be used in phrases such as, for example, “Strong winds and cold make Patagonia inhospitable”, “We hope the world will become an inhospitable place for intolerant people”.

Antonyms we have cozy, homey, hospitable and oasis.

Inhospitable is translated in English as inhospitable, for example, “Antartica has an inhospitable environment”(Antarctica has an inhospitable environment).

Inhospitable regions

An inhospitable region is a geographic extension that does not harbor conditions to house human life. An inhospitable region can be a desert, a salt flat, areas of extreme temperatures or prone to natural disasters.

In geography, inhospitable regions are considered those that do not have the minimum conditions to satisfy the basic necessities for life. This is the case of deserts such as, for example, the Atacama desert.

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