Meaning of Interference

What is Interference:

By interference is understood the action and effect of meddling in a matter. It comes from the Latin inserere, which means ‘insert’, ‘insert’ and even ‘sow’ one thing into another.

It is usually used to refer to those processes in which a person or institution gets involved or interferes in a foreign matter, so it has a negative character. For example: "State interference in private life cannot be admitted."

Although the word describes different types of intervention that go from the private to the public, its most frequent use is in the political context, in which it can have different applications. Let's see some of them.

International interference

We speak of international interference when a State deliberately interferes in the internal affairs of another State in order to impose its will. Interference thus understood constitutes a challenge to the legal principle of national sovereignty.

For this reason, international interference is conceptually associated with the practice of interventionism. However, not all interference can be considered a concrete intervention. The interference can range from diplomatic pressure to military intervention.

When a foreign state opines against the action of a government on its internal affairs, it is usually accused of meddler.

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