Meaning of Injury

What is Injury:

Injury is the act, accusation or discrediting of one person to another in order to cause moral damages that directly affect the personal reputation of the affected person.

Injury comes from Latin iniuria, composed of the prefix -in indicating denial, by the voice iuris which refers to the right and the suffix -ia that represents a quality. Etymologically it therefore means "the quality of a crime".

Injuries are the sayings uttered and propagated socially with the intention of damaging the dignity and honor of the victim. The act of injuring is considered a crime sanctioned by law in many countries.

Injury is used as a synonym for outrage, blasphemy or injury.

Crimes of libel and slander

In Law, the crimes of libel and slander are framed within the crimes against honor. Injury crimes are defined as actions and statements that are by nature, effects or circumstances considered serious in the public concept.

On the other hand, the crimes of slander differ from those of libel because the perpetrator is accused of knowing that the accusation is false and malicious.

The difference between the crimes of libel and slander are sometimes difficult to distinguish. That is why it is generally called crimes against honor. An example of this type of crime is the increasingly recent public derision against the dignity and reputation of people.

Injury and slander

Both insult and slander are intended to morally hurt someone. Injury encompasses all forms of accusation that affect reputation, including slander, which is a malicious accusation known to be false by the person issuing it.

Injury and defamation

Injury and defamation seek to affect the reputation of another person. Injury is the discrediting of someone by any kind of means, whether they are true or not.

Defamation, on the other hand, is the propagation of an act without proof that affects the dignity, honor and reputation of the person affected.

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