Meaning of Immigrant

What is Immigrant:

An immigrant is a person who arrives in a different country from the one from which they came with the aim of settling in it, making a life there, working, studying, etc.

The reasons that motivate the immigrant are varied: they may be economic, social or political, but they could also be the consequence of armed conflicts in the region in which they live, which force them to settle in another country.

However, an immigrant can also choose to live in another country by personal decision: because he feels that he will have more opportunities to fulfill himself as a person, to study, to work, to save money, to start a family, etc.

For this reason, immigrants tend to move to the countries and regions that offer them the best possibilities, such as the United States or the countries of Western Europe.

They can be established for defined periods of time, ranging from years to decades, or they can stay indefinitely in the host country.

To have immigrant status, the person must have some type of legal documentation that proves their situation in the country of residence, or that allows them to work or study in the place where they are living.

But there are also illegal or undocumented immigrants, who are those who enter a country legally or not, and who stay in it without having regularized their situation before the State.

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Immigrant, emigrant or migrant?

Immigrant, emigrant and migrant are three terms to refer to the same phenomenon, what varies is the point of view. For example, the immigrant is a person who comes to a country from another to settle there.

The emigrant, on the other hand, is a person who leaves one country in order to settle to live in another, different from their own.

While migrant is anyone who moves from one place to another, without specifying the direction in which the movement occurs.

Thus, immigrants and emigrants are also migrants. But the word migrant lacks the precision of referring to whether it is a person who leaves (emigrant) or arrives at a place (immigrant).

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