Meaning of Immorality

What is Immorality:

Immorality are acts that go against the model of conduct and value accepted in a society.

Immorality is reflected in everything that has no morality, a word that derives from Latin moralis whose root is you die indicating "custom".

See also Morals.

Immorality is associated with the concept of evil, especially loaded with a negative connotation due to its religious influence. The opposite of the moral is related to the good.

In its biblical meaning, immorality opposes morality by separating the holy from the profane and the clean from the unclean. Immorality is expressed, according to the Catholic vision, the impurity of the human being through unnatural vices and sexual sins such as adultery, incest, promiscuity, among others.

See also Promiscuous.

In philosophy, the apology for immorality defends the changing nature of morality through time and space. Immorality arises from questioning the norms established by a society. For example, homophobia was considered immoral and today, it is a violation of human rights.

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