Meaning of Insurgency

What is Insurgency:

Insurgency is the movement that a group of people carries out against a power figure or for or against a particular cause.Insurgency movements can be carried out by both civilians, military forces and union groups.

The insurgency itself leads to rebellion, the protesters or insurgents want to make clear their position against an authority or irregularity and, what will be the position in which they will find themselves according to the situation.

Civil disobedience or the breach of certain obligations is usually the most subtle way to carry out an act of insurgency. However, there are cases in which an armed confrontation between the security forces and the insurgents is inevitable.

For example, “A group of insurgents paralyzed work and production at the refinery in order to demand greater job security. The situation got out of control and the policemen had to use their weapons ”.

However, it is important to note that many countries contain in their laws the right to demonstrate or protest and, to expose disagreement before a decision or figure of power, protest is a right that is part of the powers that the civilian population possesses to way of defending their legislation and rights as citizens.

But, in the event that these demonstrations or insurgent movements are carried out against an elected government, as established by law, for example, then it will be considered as a criminal movement that promotes violence and social disorder.

Unfortunately, this type of insurgent actions can have a development that implies much more than a simple mobilization or manifestation of disagreement. Throughout the history of man there are different examples of how an insurgency situation can end in a tragic way and with a large number of innocent people affected.

There are several examples of how certain insurgency situations have arisen, developed or ended during the 20th and 21st centuries, generally against a political authority or a set of restrictions.

On the other hand, the second book of the Divergent trilogy, written by the author Verónica Roth, of which there is a film adaptation of it, is also known as Insurgent.

As synonyms to refer to an insurgency situation, the following words can be used: mutiny, uprising, rebellion, insurrection, uprising.

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