Meaning of Insurgente

What is Insurgente:

Insurgent is an adjective that is used to designate anyone who is in rebellion or risen against the authority or the established order. The word, as such, derives from the verb rise up.

Insurgent can be a person, a group, a collective or an organized political movement that has an opinion or an ideology that is contrary to power or its interests, and that assumes a firm stance, of struggle and condemnation, in the face of a model that it considers unjust or unjust. undesirable.

The insurgent, therefore, rejects this authority, justifying himself in his way of seeing things, and tries to disobey or depose it. In this sense, there are different degrees of insurgency: the moderate one, which is fundamentally based on disobedience and objection, and a more radical one, which engages in armed struggle to establish a new model through a revolution.

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