Meaning of Interdependence

What is Interdependence:

Interdependence is a concept that refers to the set of reciprocal relationships that are established between different people, elements, entities or variables.

Interdependence, in this sense, is a relationship of mutual and equitable dependence, where all the factors involved benefit, complement or cooperate in various ways with the others.

We find interdependent relationships between people in a society; between companies, organizations and nations, in the economy; between different factors or interest groups in politics; between different species of living things in nature.

Thus, in today's globalized world, we can identify how nations are positively connected by a set of relationships of mutual interest in areas such as trade, technology, communications, migration, among others.

See also Mechanical and Organic Solidarity.

The same is reflected in our social life, where the way we relate to other people determines the success or failure of our goals as individuals.

A company, for example, is nothing but a group of people united by a bond of interdependence who, performing different but complementary tasks, work for a common goal.

Relations of interdependence are found in our relationship with the environment and the impact that our actions have on it, but also in the way it affects our lives, or between the organisms and elements that make up an ecosystem.

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