Meaning of Interesting

What is Interesting:

Interesting is an adjective that refers to all those things that, due to their value or because of the interest or attention that they are capable of arousing, we can consider as worthy of our interest. The word, as such, comes from Latin interest, which means 'import'.

In this sense, interesting will be something that captures our attention or curiosity, either because it is revealing or fascinating. For example: "I found this book very interesting."

Likewise, an idea, a thought or a concept will be interesting to us depending on how suggestive it is for us intellectually. For example: "I have an interesting proposal for all of us."

In the same way, a woman or a man can be interesting to us due to the attractiveness they generate. For example: "Rubén has always seemed an interesting man to me."

Synonyms for interesting are attractive, captivating, suggestive; weird, curious; important, relevant or notable, among others. Antonyms, on the other hand, would be insubstantial or insignificant.

In English, for its part, interesting can be translated as interesting. For instance: "Twenty interesting facts about the Irish and Ireland”(Twenty interesting facts about the Irish and Ireland).

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