Meaning of Iridescent

What is Iridescent:

Iridescent is a surface that creates an optical phenomenon showing different colors depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

An iridescent surface is actually two superimposed thin surfaces on which we see the interference of the reflection of light from the lower layer and the upper layer at the same time. That is why we seem to see more than one color.

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Some synonyms for iridescent are pearly, iridescent, opalescent, pearl, or shimmering.

Examples of iridescent surfaces can be found on soap bubbles, butterfly wings, iridescent pearls, opals, oil on a wet surface, on peacock feathers, or on iridescent materials or iridescent paper such as cellophane.

Iridescent surfaces are characterized by reflecting multiple colors due to the mixture of light reflected on the upper surface and refracted light on the lower surface.

Iridescent derives from the Greek iris, the goddess who personifies the rainbow, considered the messenger of the gods. According to Greek mythology, the rainbow is the dress of Iris, since it represents the bridge that only she can create between men and the gods.

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