Meaning of Roaming

What is Roaming:

Roaming is the equivalent term in Spanish to the English word roaming, typical of the field of mobile or wireless telephony. As such, roaming refers to the ability to move a cell phone from one place to another. Hence, it is used to refer to telephones that have left the coverage area of ​​their telephone operator and have entered the area of ​​another telephone company that provides the service in exchange for a surcharge on calls received or made by the user. .

Roaming, in this sense, allows mobile phone users to move between different coverage areas without ceasing to receive or modify in any way their usual dialing to make and receive calls, even if this implies paying a fee. additional fee for call interconnection service.

Likewise, for users who travel abroad, the telephone companies have agreements with each other that ensure that the cell phone works, automatically and immediately, with a local telephone operator in the country where the user is located.

When the roaming service is provided between telephone companies in the same country, it is called national roaming, while when it comes to telephone operators from different countries, it is called international roaming.

Data roaming

Data roaming means that a cell phone uses a different mobile phone network than yours, which nonetheless allows it to send and receive data while you are outside the coverage area of ​​your telephone operator. Data roaming may incur additional charges for the user.

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