Hieroglyph Meaning

What is Hieroglyph:

The writing that represents the meaning of words with figures and symbols is known as a hieroglyph.

The hieroglyph is a type of writing used by ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, Egyptians, and Hittites. The hieroglyph was seen as a sacred writing, observed in principle in the temples, burial mounds, and later with the evolution it was carved in ceramics, walls, or codices; it was carved in wood or stone.

It is noteworthy that the hieroglyphs could be written in lines or columns, from left to right, or vice versa, the position of the signs determined the direction to be read.

Etymologically, the term hieroglyph is of Greek origin, formed by "Hierós" which means "sacred", and "Glýphein" which expresses "writing".

On the other hand, the hieroglyph is seen as a set of signs and figures with which a phrase is expressed, usually as a hobby or puzzle game.

By extension, the word hieroglyph is the painting, the note, the writing difficult to understand or decipher.

In English, the word hieroglyph is "Hieroglyph", or "hieroglyphic ".

Egyptian hieroglyph

It was the French philologist, Egyptologist, and linguist Jean-François Champollion, who deciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphs, in 1822 through the study of the Rosetta stone, and in 1823 the English scientist Thomas Young joined in this work, and both discovered that many hieroglyphs do have phonetic sounds.

On the other hand, Egyptian hieroglyphs were divided into ideograms and phonograms. The former are characterized by the fact that a sign represents a thing or idea, and the seconds typical of ancient Egyptian are divided into: uniliteres (the sign represents a sound), biliteres (the sign represents two sounds), and triliteres (a sound manifests three sounds).

Mayan hieroglyph

The Mayan hieroglyphs or glyphs was a complete system based on phonetic signs, representing a word or syllable. Sometimes the glyphs are abbreviated or condensed, that is, one glyph could replace part of another.

The list containing all the combinations formed by the Mayan glyphs or hieroglyphs was called a syllabary.

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