Meaning of moral judgment

What is moral judgment:

Moral judgment is a mental act that allows you to differentiate between right and wrong. It is an assessment that the person makes in the face of an action, judging whether it is good or bad.

Judgment is the faculty of understanding that allows to discern and judge while morality is relative to people's behavior from the point of view of goodness or badness, that is why moral judgment is the ability of each person to affirm or denying the moral value of a given situation.

In principle it is in the home where they teach what are the moral values, then the educational institutions and finally the environment that surrounds us. Likewise, moral judgment is formed based on the lived experiences of each person who are evaluating what is correct within a society, through moral judgment it is established whether an action lacks ethical principles or is contrary to them.

The moral judgment is comprised of 3 elements; the object is referred to by the conduct chosen by the subject, the circumstances is the group of conditions that accompany the act and the intention is that by which the man performs a certain action.

Morality, as it was already allusive, is the set of values, beliefs, principles, norms of a society or people and in contrast to the aforementioned, the term immoral is observed, which is everything that contradicts morality and good customs.

In reference to the above, it should be noted that on many occasions what is moral for one person can be an immoral act for another subject, for example a 16-year-old adolescent who aborts because for her her future is compromised, for a person this act can be immoral since it goes against the principles of the Catholic religion and in turn is killing a life but for others it can be a moral act since the person has the right to choose how they will face their life.

Morality in philosophy attempts to formulate a theory of human behavior and analyze the reasons for acting, that is, morality seeks to develop a comprehensive system of principles that guides the actions of man, good and bad, fair and unfair, right or wrong. Philosophical morality is possessed by those who act according to philosophical principles and not by those who speak one way and act in another.

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Moral judgment and ethical judgment

Moral judgment is what allows the human being to determine what is good and bad, fair and unfair, right and wrong in a given situation or behavior. It is the capacity that allows estimating or evaluating human actions or relationships in reference to a moral value. On the other hand, the ethical judgment studies the moral norms and values ‚Äč‚Äčimposed by a society and investigates the reasons that justify a moral system and how it has to be applied in the individual and at the social level.

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