Meaning of Jurisprudence

What is Jurisprudence:

Jurisprudence is the set of judgments or judicial resolutions issued by judicial bodies and that may have repercussions on subsequent judgments. In some countries, jurisprudence can be a source of law, direct or indirect.

This term also refers to the legal doctrine that studies judicial decisions. It also refers to a criterion or way of executing a statement based on previous statements.

This word comes from the Latin termiuris prudentÄ­a. It is formed with the term ius, iuris ("Right") and prudence, derived from the word prudens, prudentis ("wisdom", "knowledge").

Jurisprudence in Roman Law

In Roman Law, jurisprudence was understood as the science of knowledge of Law or simply, wisdom of Law. The conception of jurisprudence in the time of the Ancient ROma evolved, granting it at first a divine character and later evolving to a secular conception.

Although Roman jurisprudence does not apply as such today, its importance continues due to its influence on many legal models and as a historical source of study.

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Technical jurisprudence

Technical jurisprudence is the systematization of the rules that constitute a legal order. Its purpose is to present in an orderly, precise and coherent way the legal precepts in force in a system of law.

Binding case law

The concept of binding jurisprudence means that court judgments or decisions set a precedent. Some of the reasons why it forms are due to the reiteration of criteria or for their unification.

It occurs especially in cases in the resolutions made by legal bodies that affect other dependent or lower hierarchical bodies.

Constitutional jurisprudence

The concept of constitutional jurisprudence refers, in a generic way, to the judgments issued by a Constitutional Court. Although their value may vary depending on each country, due to the very nature of the judicial body that issues them, they can set a precedent and constitute a source of law.

Labor jurisprudence

The labor jurisprudence is the jurisprudence referring to the judicial decisions of the Labor Law or the Labor legal system. The theme focuses on legal studies that deal, for example, with aspects related to workers' rights such as unfair dismissal or compensation.

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