Meaning of Kawaii

What is Kawaii:

Kawaii It is an adjective of Japanese origin that means cute or adorable. It is an expression widely used in the form of praise, without the character of attraction or incitement of an erotic type, used especially by young fans of pop culture, where quality and aesthetics are immensely valued.

At first it was used to describe the tenderness of a baby or animal, but currently its use has expanded to any type of thing that produces affection, attachment or sympathy, such as toys, fashions, behaviors, foods, among others. Approximately in the years 1983-1984 the word kawaii began to have more acceptance, being used in social media.

The word kawaii It is also used by otakus - fans of anime, manga, video games and musical idols. In this context, otakus use kawaii as a synonym for funny, since they use the term moé to enhance the beauty or adoration of a thing.

In addition, kawaii It is used to point out innocent or shy people. Its use is also related to the clothing of Japanese youth, with clothes and makeup in romantic styles.


The term kawaii it arose in the Japanese language approximately in the year 1970 to designate a writing style used by adolescent students, characterized by being similar to that of children. This calligraphy consisted in that together with the words they designed round figures, happy, beautiful, and adorable faces, as emoticons - emojis are seen.

As such, the word kawaii is an adjective that expresses tenderness in different contexts, and also in communications, such as the use of cute emoticons and emojis by different social networks -facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.- making communication more expressive, with grace and sympathy.

For more information, see the emoticon and emoji articles.

In 2009, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs appointed three representatives of Japanese culture as 'Kawaii Ambassadors' to introduce the world to this trend.

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