Keep calm meaning

What is Keep calm:

Keep calm is an expression in English that means "keep calm".

The phrase keep calm is very old, the original and complete expression is "Keep Calm and Carry On" which in Spanish means “keep calm and carry on”, was used for the first time in 1939 by the British Ministry of Information with the aim of sending a message to British citizens in the event of a German invasion during World War II .

The motto "Keep calm and carry on" it was one of the 3 slogans published at the time but it was never disclosed. In 2000, a copy was found in a bookstore in England, gaining popularity due to the interest it aroused among customers and the trust and incentive it causes individuals in times of difficulty, in addition to this pamphlet there are two more published in the National Archives and Imperial War Museum in London and 15 copies in the hands of the daughter, former member of the Royal Corps of Observers.

The specimen established a striking background, the expression and on the top a crown, this represents a symbol of British royalty, the crown of King George VI who reigned between 1936 and 1952 to support his subjects.

Currently, it is fashionable on the internet, on social networks, in music and, it is observed in multiple objects such as: posters, avatars, memes, posters, mugs, shirts, among others, followed by another phrase, such as: “keep calm and love me”. Also, it is used in humorous content.

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