Meaning of Kitty

What is Kitty:

Kitty is an English term that can have several meanings:

Its most popular meaning is "kitten", "little cat" or "baby cat". With this meaning, kitty is considered an affectionate colloquial variant of the word kitten ("baby cat").

This term appears registered in century XVI with the meaning of "girl" or "young woman", possibly an abbreviation of the own name of woman "Katherine" or "Catherine".

Kitty It also serves to refer to money for community use and contributed by a group of people. With this meaning, it can be translated in Spanish as "boat", "background" or "vaquita". In a more concrete way, kitty it also refers to an amount of money in some card games where bets are made.

With this meaning, it is possible that its origin is in the word kit, meaning "collection of provisions" or that is a variation of the meaning of the word kitty, ("prison", "jail", in the colloquial language of northern England during the nineteenth century).

Informally, it is sometimes used to refer to the female genitalia.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty (ハ ロ ー キ テ ィ, in Japanese, and which could be translated in Spanish as "Hello Kitty") is the name of a fictional character of Japanese origin designed by Yuko Shimizu and produced by the Sanrio company. Products with this character began to be produced and marketed in the 1970s and are currently found throughout the world and in various formats.

This character is a white cat with schematic and anthropomorphic features and usually dressed in a bow. It is situated within the style of Japanese culture kawaii.

Urban legend about Hello Kitty

There is an urban legend around the origin and meaning of Hello Kitty. There are several versions that usually revolve around a promise that a mother supposedly made to the devil whose daughter was ill with cancer. Despite the fact that these types of stories are quite widespread on the internet, it is an example of an urban legend.

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