Meaning of Kremlin

What is Kremlin:

As a kremlin, it is called a walled enclosure, typical of ancient Russian cities, where the most important buildings of the city were located, such as cathedrals and palaces where the sovereign resided. The word, as such, comes from the Russian Кремль (kreml), which means ‘citadel’.

The old Russian cities, as such, were not surrounded by walls, but only their center, where the powers were located. It is this architectural complex, which survives to this day in many Russian cities, especially Moscow, that it is called the kremlin.

In this fortress, the tsars of the times of the Russian Empire resided. Later, after the revolution, the kremlin was the seat of the Russian communist government. Today, the Kremlin is the official residence of the President of Russia.

For this reason, the word kremlin has come to designate the Russian government, as well as, for example, it refers to the Casa Rosada in Argentina, Los Pinos in Mexico, La Moncloa in Spain, or the White House in the United States. .

Moscow Kremlin

The best-known kremlin in the world is the Moscow Kremlin. In it is the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation and is the permanent seat of the government. As such, it is a group made up of civil and religious buildings. It is located in the center of Moscow, bounded by the Moskva River to the south, Red Square to the east, and the Alexander Garden to the west. Inside the wall, the Kremlin groups four palaces and four cathedrals.

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