Meaning of Kung fu

What is Kung fu:

Kung fu is a term that is used in the West to refer to the martial arts of China. The word kung fu is made up of “gong" it means "job" Y "fu"Expresses"men", The combination of both words is equivalent to"job continuous or effort”.

Kung fu is known as a martial art, as a form of self defense. Martial arts are favorable for mental health, relax and teach concentration and mastery.

There are various legends about the origin of kung fu, but the best known is that of a Hindu monk known as Bodhidharma who came to the Shaolin temple, located on Lohan Mountain. Bodhidharma developed an exercise system based on 12 animals that was later extended to 18 in combination with the laws of the universe, nature and different Taoist and Buddhist systems, resulting in what we now know as "Kung fu of Shaolin"Or"boxing of the monk”.

In the 60s the objective of kung fu was related to the application of martial arts. In the 70s, with the Chinese revolution, the expression "wushu" which means "the art of war" began to be used, also known as "sports kung fu" refers to a modern sports system in which it is observed acrobatic movements and is aimed at improving physical condition and health, wushu is made up of two disciplines: taoulu and sanda.

The term kung fu became popular due to the appearance of Bodhidharma in the “Hong Kong” film directed by Brandy Yuen, the two martial arts films starring Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, in addition to the television series called "Kung Fu" acted by David Carradine.

In kung fu there are different styles, some sources claim that there are more than 350 official styles recognized by the Chinese Government. Each style has different physical conditioning elements, techniques and tactics.

The term "kwoon" it means "room training"That is, it is the place where you learn martial arts.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu was developed in the Shaolin Monastery of China, it is a style of Kung fu or martial arts and is considered one of the cultural treasures of China. It is a form of self-defense and in conjunction with Chan Buddhism creates a holistic art form that sows inner balance.

The Shaolin Temple was created in the year 495 and with the passing of time it turned out to be the center of the Chinese elite consisting of painters, teachers, doctors, calligraphers, etc., also, in the Shaolin Temple the emperors prayed for prosperity and people's satisfaction. Over the years, a second Shaolin temple was created in southern China, which was attacked in the mid-nineteenth century by the Qing army as a result of the chaos that China experienced in the nineteenth century, especially when government control weakened.

Kung fu greeting

The kung fu greeting is an expression of respect, cordiality or affection towards the teachers and practitioners present.

The kung fu greeting consists of the open left hand over the closed fist of the right hand. The open left hand represents the sun and the right hand closed in the form of a fist symbolizes the moon. The greeting is performed standing up, with the feet together, upright posture and with the sight towards whom we salute; the arms should be extended forward, at the height of the chest forming a circle.

In reference to the above, if someone carries a weapon before starting the exercise, the weapon is taken by the left or right hand, it all depends on the person if they are left-handed or right-handed and the palm of the other hand covers the fist.

The kung fu greeting should be carried out in various situations such as: when entering and leaving the kwoon, greeting the teacher, receiving an instruction from the instructor or teacher, starting classes and starting and ending an exercise in pairs.

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