Meaning of Greed breaks the sack

What is Greed Breaks the Sack:

The saying "Greed breaks the sack" warns us against the dangers of greed and greed, negative practices that, from so much claiming control over assets or profits, end up being the cause of the dreaded loss.

The saying comes from an old image or popular legend in which a thief was filling a sack with the coins he stole. When he filled the sack, he squeezed it to make room for more and it broke, losing all the money he collected.

There is an older form of this saying in which the word "greed" was substituted for the word "greed", but both versions offer similar meanings. This ancient variant is still in force in some Hispanic societies today.

Beside this, other popular sayings are related to it and its meaning. For example: "Avaricious abbot, for one body he loses a hundred" or "The avaricious man, for one he loses a hundred."

In this sense, living based on the fear of losing what you have is conceived because of the loss, a principle that in psychology is called "self-fulfilling prophecy."

According to popular wisdom, those who are desperate to concentrate their assets and wealth lose perspective and risk suffering the opposite effect than desired.In this way, popular wisdom morally condemns the attitudes of greed, greed, excessive ambition, disorder, attachment to goods and lack of common sense.

It must be remembered that greed is one of the capital sins, which is why it is condemned in different cultures. It is precisely the nature of greed that is the cause of evil.

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