Meaning of The exception confirms the rule

What is the exception confirms the rule:

The saying "the exception proves the rule" is frequently used to respond evasively when an objection is raised to a questionable generalization.

In this sense, it is understood that an exception is, in fact, an objection to the argument that supports a certain rule. Each rule is a generalization or a general law.

Let's see how the saying is used in the following example dialog:

As can be seen from the example, the application of the saying does not follow a consistent principle. It is assumed that a rule is established as such because it works in a certain context and, in the case of extraordinary conditions, these are contemplated in the rule.

In the example that we have given, it is evident that there is a semantic problem. Certainly the saying has been given an accommodative use, but this is due to a poor translation of the original expression, which has become popular in recent years.

Indeed, the original saying reads "the exception tests the rule." Thus, the saying "the exception tests the rule" enjoys absolute coherence, as it adheres to a logical principle. That is: if until a certain moment the validity of a rule is taken for granted, when a possible exception appears, this rule must be tested to verify its validity.

If the exception is shown to be true and legitimate, then the rule disappears or is reformulated. If, on the contrary, the exception cannot be proved or defended, then the exception is not such and the rule remains valid.

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