Meaning of The occasion they paint her bald

What is the occasion they paint her bald:

The occasion is painted bald is a saying that states that opportunities should be seized when it occurs. The saying under study is strictly related to opportunity and proposes diligence to the individual to take advantage of and enjoy good times.

In relation to its origin, the saying comes from the representation of the Goddess of Occasion, known as the Goddess of Opportunity. For the Romans, she is a woman with beautiful long hair, which covers her face and is bald from behind, generally, she has wings on her heels and back, she holds a knife in her right hand, and she is standing on a wheel. moving.

The opportunity, like the Goddess, when she passes by must be taken by the hair, since when she finishes passing there will be no where to hold her, and generally good occasions only happen once, there is no other totally equal. As is the case, the individual who does not take a job that offers a good salary and benefit to think about the possibility of finding a better one, missing the opportunity to have a job with favorable and convenient conditions for his own.

In relation to the saying itself, there are different variants of it, such as: "the occasion is painted bald" or "the opportunity is bald on the neck", "seize the occasion by the forelock", among others.

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