The 10 characteristics of an altruistic person

An altruistic person gives selfless love by pouring his efforts into causes for the benefit of others.

An altruistic person is characterized by having a natural tendency to support others through personal sacrifice seeking the well-being of the community or society and acts hoping to create a better world. Here are ten characteristics of an altruistic person.

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1. Spend time with others

An altruistic person spends time supporting others without expecting anything in return. He does not act out of personal interests or vanity.

2. Share

An altruist shares what he has without expecting rewards or recognition. The purpose of altruistic help is solidarity, that is, it collaborates in what it can to provide the necessary care for those who need it the most.

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3. He is a retailer

Altruism is associated with love through behaviors that are directed towards a comprehensive social change, that is, more than just helping, it is also dedicated to thinking and acting on details that can make a difference in the causes they support.

4. He is empathetic

An altruistic person is characterized by being empathetic and identifying personally with the people and causes that concern him. He makes an effort to understand the feelings of others, experiencing in a rational and objective way the suffering, pain and difficulties of others.

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5. Help those in need

An altruistic person helps those most in need to increase the chances of survival of others, regardless of whether it means reducing their own comforts or quality of life.

6. Protect love

Love is the engine of an altruistic person, therefore it protects and gives it to those who need its compassion. The altruist uses the heart and head to determine the best way to deliver and protect love destined for a common purpose.

7. Take care of the environment

The altruistic person takes care of the environment because he knows how to give and knows how to be grateful for what he receives in return. The environment is what gives us life and everything we need to survive, therefore, the altruist who protects love, also protects the environment that gives us everything without expecting anything in return.

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8. Promote peace

An altruist promotes peace and rejects war with the welfare of all in mind.Through peace, societies have a better chance of achieving spiritual and mental balance by increasing their inner quality of life and, as a consequence, with their environment.

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9. He puts himself in the shoes of the other

An altruistic person is capable of putting himself in the shoes of others, understanding the difficulties they have experienced and the injustices that affected them despite not having experienced the same situations. Being able to abstract from their own condition and consider that others did not have the same opportunities, makes the altruist a person who works to genuinely help others.

10. Think of the others first

The altruist thinks of the interests of others before his own benefit. He considers that some acts or things can mean much more to others than to him, sharing and sacrificing without other interests other than what he considers fair.

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