Meaning of Latifundismo

What is Latifundismo:

Latifundismo refers to the set and distribution of large tracts of land made up of latifundios. For its part, the latifundio is a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland that belongs to a single person or a minority group.

As such, latifundismo is the result of the existence and dominance of the latifundistas, who are the owners of important portions of land that, in many cases, have not been used in the best way in relation to agricultural production.

As a consequence, poor peasants have been limited to working the land and promoting their economic livelihood. Hence, the term latifundismo or latifundista has a pejorative charge.

The latifundismo has existed from the moment the conquest and colonization processes began both in Europe and in Latin America. Many large estates even inherited over the years to the present.

However, these large tracts of land have been worked inefficiently, in many cases, even having the necessary resources by those who made up or are part of a latifundismo.

In this sense, the existence of the large estates has generated social and agrarian revolts throughout history on the part of the peasants, who have confronted the large estate owners and the State in order to achieve a better and more equitable distribution of the estates. land and its production, and that finally led to the agrarian reform.

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Characteristics of latifundismo

The main characteristics of latifundismo are presented below.

  • Distribution of large portions of land in latifundia belonging to an exclusive group of people.
  • Supremacy of the latifundismo to work the land, that is, of the latifundistas, over the peasant population.
  • The large tracts of land that make up the latifundismo are not exploited to their full potential.
  • Large estates do not generate enough jobs.
  • Thanks to latifundismo, political and economic reforms have been generated based on agrarian activity.
  • Latifundismo is a reflection of the social inequalities of a nation.

See also Latifundio.

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