Layout Meaning

What is Layout:

The word layout It is used to refer to the way in which elements and shapes are distributed within a design. It is a word in the English language that is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. It is translated into Spanish as "disposion", "plan" or "design".

It is said that the layout It is the representation of a plane on which the distribution of a specific or determined space will be drawn.

The layout It can be taken as the basis for a web page, since it is from this plan or design that it will be developed. In other words, the initial product of a page or website is its layout, template or design.

For this reason it is said that the design template that serves to elaborate, predetermine and develop a site or web page is called layout. East layout It is a generic plan or scheme, which is presented by the designer to the client for approval, modification or rejection.

The word is used in the marketing area, and obviously in digital marketing, to present the design or layout of one or more products and services on sites or points of sale of a particular company, consortium or trade.

For its part, in word processing and desktop publishing, the layout It is used for the designer to be able to combine the arrangement of texts and graphics in the same environment.

In a document it is also important to determine whether to emphasize or focus more on certain points or areas and to determine if the document is aesthetically or visually pleasing to the user.Therefore, although there are programs for this task that can be useful in the work of document design, they still cannot replace the work of a professional designer.

Layout in graphic design

The word layout It is also used in the area of ​​graphic design to explain the sketch, scheme or layout sketch of a specific design. The objective of layout is that the customer can more clearly see an approximation of the final version of what he could be buying. The purpose, then, is to sell you that option and finalize the business, which will be executed according to the outline presented.

The layout will always be subject to modifications until its final approval. This is why any web designer always presents their clients with a layout so that it analyzes whether or not it adapts to their needs and demands, and whether the way of presenting the information to the public is agreeable to them. It is from layout approved by the client who begins the development of the website and the introduction of its content.

Layout in the business area

In the business area, we can say that the term is used to refer to the way in which the work area is distributed, that is, the design that was followed to distribute the computers, work tables, meeting areas, spaces for recreation and rest, as well as dining rooms and bathrooms or toilet areas. In this area, then, the layoutIt has to do with the design of the office or company itself and the way it is located is distributed in its different areas.

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