Meaning of Loyalty

What is Loyalty:

It is known as loyalty to the character of a loyal person, thing or animal. The term of loyalty expresses a feeling of respect and fidelity towards a person, commitment, community, organizations, moral principles, among others.

The term loyalty comes from the Latin "Legalis" which means “respect for the law”.

The term loyal is an adjective used to identify a faithful individual based on their actions or behavior. That is why a loyal person is one who is characterized by being dedicated, and compliant and even when circumstances are adverse, as well as defending what he believes in, for example: a project.

Loyalty is synonymous with nobility, rectitude, honesty, honesty, among other moral and ethical values ​​that allow the development of strong social and / or friendship relationships where a very solid bond of trust is created, and respect is automatically generated in individuals.

However, the opposite of loyalty is treason, it is the fault that a person commits by virtue of the breach of his word or infidelity. Lack of loyalty describes a person who cheats on their peers, family members, and exposes their own good repute.

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Loyalty is a characteristic that is not only present between individuals, but also between animals, especially dogs, cats and horses. All this, in gratitude for the affection and protection that human beings offer him.

The term of loyalty can be placed in different contexts such as work, friendship, love relationships, among others, but loyalty should not be confused with patriotism since not all loyal people are patriotic, because patriotism is love of the country while that loyalty to the homeland is a feeling that many countries should awaken to the citizens.

The word loyalty translated into English is loyalty.

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Loyalty as value

Loyalty as a value is a virtue that unfolds in our conscience, in the commitment to defend and be faithful to what we believe and in whom we believe. Loyalty is a virtue that consists of obedience to the rules of fidelity, honor, gratitude and respect for something or someone, be it towards a person, animal, government, community, among others.

In reference to this point, some philosophers maintain that an individual can be loyal to a set of things, while others maintain that one is only loyal to another person since this term refers exclusively to interpersonal relationships.

However, in a friendship it is not enough only the value of loyalty but also sincerity, respect, honesty, love, among other values ​​must be present.

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