Meaning of Reading

What is Reading:

Reading is the act of reading. The word comes from the Latin word reading, which in turn derives from the verb legre, which means 'read'. As reading, that work or text that is read is also called. In the same way, a reading is the interpretation that is made of a text.

Reading itself is a process of an intellectual nature where sensory, psychic and brain functions intervene, which are combined to perform the decoding, understanding and interpretation of a set of signs or a language, which may be visual or graphic (letters, ideograms , signs), tactile (Braille system) or audible (Morse code).

For the educator Constance Weaver, who has acquired the essential skills for reading, knows how to pronounce written words, is able to identify and differentiate them, to understand their meaning and to understand and interpret a text.

The habit of reading is a fundamental part of the cultural formation of an individual, since it allows them to develop reasoning capacity, critical sense and interpretive skills, not to mention that it contributes to improving writing and writing skills, increases the lexicon and stimulates the imagination.

On the other hand, reading is also called the set of culture and knowledge that a person possesses.

Critical reading

A critical reading, understood in a general way, is one that demands from the reader a particular comprehensive and interpretive attention and depth, with a marked emphasis and interest in the formal and rational criteria that intervened in the composition of a text.

Critical reading can be carried out in school and academic settings, when a teacher asks his students to perform a detailed and attentive reading of a text to extract a thorough and reasoned understanding.

Likewise, critical reading is an editorial work carried out by a literary professional, whose task is to carry out a thorough and exhaustive reading that examines and verifies the quality, validity and clarity of a text, as well as its communicative, commercial potential or educational.

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