Meaning of Lifi

What is Lifi:

Lifi is an abbreviation for 'Lightfidelity'Or' fidelity of light 'which consists of a wireless communication technology transmitted by visible light. The creators specifically use LED bulbs or lamps for their power and efficiency in transmitting light.

Lifi and Wifi are both technologies for wireless transmission using electromagnetic waves, but they differ in the type of wave they use to transmit data wirelessly. Wifi uses specifically radio waves and Lifi uses light.

The invention of Li-Fi is awarded to Harold Haas, who presented the idea as a guest of TED Global 2011, becoming a finalist in the World Technology Awards of the same year.

Advantages and disadvantages of Lifi

In the TED presentation, Harold Haas exposes how Lifi technology combats the four essential problems of today's technology:

  1. Radio wave capacity is limited and expensive; that of visible light waves is almost unlimited and of almost zero cost.
  2. Efficiency is low since each cellular transmission antenna or base station needs a lot of energy to cool the bases themselves to avoid overheating. We currently have 1.4 million antennas. LED light technology is considered one of the most energy efficient.
  3. Availability is limited in places like hospitals or airplanes due to interference with other devices. Lifi would have a limited availability only to the light, since it does not interfere with any appliance.
  4. Security is threatened because the waves literally pass through walls making the information you transmit vulnerable to people who intercept the data. Lifi, being limited by light, would also limit access to data in specific sources.

Therefore, it could be said that Lifi has no apparent disadvantages other than its implementation. Lifi is a technology, as its inventor Harold Haas says, 'for a cleaner, greener and brighter future. "

How does Lifi work?

In the demonstration of the Lifi prototype that Harold Haas first introduced in 2011, a lamp with an LED spotlight and implanted with Lifi signal processing technology, was pointed at a hole in a table. Inside the hole was a receiver that converted light amplitude changes into electrical signals, this receiver was able to transmit HD video without pauses or interruptions.

For a device, such as a computer, cell phone or tablet, to be able to connect using Lifi technology, it would need a light detector. The possibility of using the cameras incorporated in the devices or something that would have to be implanted is suggested.

Lifi technology is not yet available to the public. PureLiFi, whose co-founder is the inventor of the technology, launched his product Li-1st at the beginning of 2014 in limited production. Lifi technology in Mexico has been in the hands of the Sisoft firm since mid-2015.

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