Meaning of Cheap is expensive

What is cheap is expensive:

The saying "cheap is expensive" means that those who opt for the cheapest without taking quality into account, end up spending more than necessary.

The saying teaches that before executing a commercial exchange, be it a product or a service, we must first guarantee quality, since on the contrary, economic and other collateral consequences are suffered.

In this way, the saying contrasts two values: quality versus economy. Products without quality deteriorate quickly or cause collateral problems that generate extra expenses.

Many times, the person is forced to buy back the damaged item and ends up exceeding their budget. At other times, you have to invest money in solving additional problems caused by a bad product or service.

For example, cheap shoes of poor quality, in addition to breaking quickly, cause foot problems and often require you to go to a specialist doctor. The cost ends up being higher and more complex.

A smart purchase involves considering quality above any other element. Opting for quality is foresight, prevention and economy. Acting the opposite can be seen as stinginess or lack of vision. Better to "get well".

On some occasions, the quality / price ratio may be convenient, but quality must always prevail, which is, ultimately, a form of future savings. In other words, a quality item, even if it is somewhat more expensive, is always an "investment".

The same goes for services. When you opt for a cheap service, you risk its quality and compromise the success of the planned activities.

Some variants of the saying are: "Cheap is expensive and expensive is cheap", "Cheap is expensive when it is not necessary" or "Cheap is always expensive".

We can also know some sayings with a similar or equivalent meaning: "What is mean and bad is expensive for nothing" or "Whoever dresses in bad / bad cloth, dresses twice a year."

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