Meaning of What easy comes, easy goes

What is Easy comes, easy goes:

“What comes easy, goes easy” is a popular saying that teaches us that what is achieved without effort and without values ​​is ephemeral or fleeting.

It can be interpreted in two ways:

  1. as a censure of ease, the tendency to pretend to obtain benefits without the will for effort and sacrifice. This is its most widespread use.
  2. as an invitation to distrust what is offered easily, when normally that benefit requires a certain effort.

The ease that the saying denounces becomes a door that leads to socially dangerous attitudes such as moral and political corruption.

The saying contrasts the value of well-directed effort and honest work, against chance or corruption as the case may be, whose assets, because they have no foundation, quickly vanish.

Wealth and other ill-gotten benefits are diluted or vanished for lack of substance.

The saying functions well as a warning or advice to those who tend to be easy or are faced with dilemmatic proposals, in order to avoid being exposed and being embarrassed.

At the same time, he wants to highlight effort, perseverance and discipline as values ​​in the construction of a stable and profitable life.

“What comes easy, goes easy” can be applied in different types of situations (academic, love, professional matters), although it is applied more frequently with respect to material goods obtained in an illicit way.

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