Meaning of Loco

What is Loco:

Crazy is an adjective to describe both a person who has disturbed mental faculties or a person with poor judgment. It is also used to describe a very intense and irrational emotion or a very strong and desired feeling.

The origin of the word mad has been widely disputed by linguists. One of the theories that take into account the phonetic and semantic relationship of the word risks the origin of the word in Latin elucus which means sleepy, insomnia, friend of the moon, lunatic.

The madman ceased to be considered a mental illness at the end of the 19th century, becoming an adjective for people who do not conform to social conventions and for very strong feelings such as: crazy in love, crazy to go to the concert, you want crazy to eat, crazy with jealousy.

Many popular sayings incorporate the madman such as, for example, “We all have a bit of a musician, poet and madman” which refers to the fact that we all have a part of what we criticize in others, therefore we must not rush to judge.

A crazy popular character is the Mad Hatter from the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland where author Lewis Carroll ironically creates to show that he is the most sane of all.

In tarot, the madman card represents the beginning of an adventure in the midst of confusion, chaos and loneliness.

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