Meaning of LOL

What is LOL:

LOL is the acronym for two expressions in the English language that are laugh out loud, which can be translated as "laugh without stopping", "laugh out loud", "dead of laughter" or "party of laughter", and of lost of laughs, translated as "many laughs".

In both cases, LOL refers to something that generates a lot of laughter, that is, that is funny or funny.

LOL is a colloquial expression in English that is used by young people on the internet, in various social networks, forums and in mobile phone text messages.

Due to its wide use, the expression LOL spread and is currently used by millions of people around the world. It should be noted that the expression LOL is not used in formal settings.

On the other hand, LOL is also an expression that accompanies the images that expose funny situations, in this way more humor is added.

In addition to the meanings in English, for many Internet users, lol, in lowercase, also represents a person with raised arms to commemorate or celebrate an event, and it is a widely used emoticon as well.

More and more English expressions and slang are popular in other countries and LOL has become a fad in teen slang.

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