Meaning of Long-suffering

What is Longanimity:

Long-suffering refers to perseverance, patience, and fortitude in the face of adverse life situations.

The word, as such, comes from Latin longanimĭtas, longanimitātis, which in turn is composed of the Latin longus, which means 'long', and animus, which translates ‘soul; we could translate it as 'long suffering'.

He shows long-suffering, then, who is able to bear with patience and perseverance sufferings and difficulties without wavering in his spirit. Longanimity has someone who, although they do not feel comfortable with their work, is capable of valuing it and maintaining it until they find a better one.

See also Patience.

Long-suffering also refers to kindness and generosity, either in conduct or in ideas. Thus, long-suffering shows a person who is supportive of the other, especially when he is facing adversity.

Long-suffering is also considered one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. It is related to the ability of people who believe in the Christian faith to remain faithful and constant to the Lord despite difficulties, obstacles or tests that arise throughout life.

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