Loop Meaning

What is Loop:

Loop is a word in English that refers to a process, system or circular structure, which ends where it begins and vice versa.

Loop it is translated into Spanish as a synonym for loop, loop, circuit or cycle.

The word loop, as a loop, refers to a knot that involves a circle, such as tying a loop on a rope.

Loop, translated as loop, can be used to express the configuration of a music, video or photo playlist in a loop, that is, when the list comes to an end it is played again from the beginning. In electronic music, for example, the loop indicates seamless repeating of a piece of music instead of repeating an entire playlist.

Loop considered a circuit can be used as closed loop which translates as closed circuit.

The word loop, used for sweets is translated as rings, for example, fruit loops would be fruit rings.

When the word is used in context not in the loop it means that something is not in a certain process. When it refers to a person this expression indicates that he is not informed. On the contrary, a person who is in the loop It is the one that has been informed.

Loop in computer science

In computing, a loop Programming translated as programming loop refers to an instruction written in the programming language that dictates constant repetition of the same action.

Loop in marketing

Loop used as feedback loop or marketing loop means the feedback loop or feedback loop marketing characterized by consisting of several steps where after the last stage you go back to the beginning.

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