Meaning of Duels with bread are less

What does it mean? Duels with bread are less:

“Duels with bread are less” or “penalties with bread are less” is a popular saying that means that having food or material resources relieves pain and anguish caused by adversity.

It is a saying that revolves around the idea of ​​misfortunes and difficulties in which we can sometimes find ourselves involved.

This popular expression emphasizes the opinion that sorrows, griefs or problems are more bearable if we have a bread (food) in the stomach.

In this sense, it can have a literal sense in reference to the importance of feeding ourselves in order to keep ourselves in optimal mental conditions to face problems.

But, likewise, bread can have a figurative or symbolic meaning: bread as food, but also as a metaphor for economic resources.

A possible counterpart of this saying would be that the penalties in poverty are worse, because without money or other resources, the affliction grows and becomes more difficult to bear. On the other hand, with a full stomach, it is easier to cope.

This saying applies in situations where, despite setbacks and misfortunes, it is welcome to have at least something to put in your mouth to eat.

A variant of this saying already appears in the classic book by Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quijote of La Mancha, when Sancho Panza, voice of popular wisdom, says: "all duels with bread are good."

Another variant of this saying would be “” the penalties with bread are less ”. A synonym, on the other hand, could be "the headache, eating straightens you."

In English, “duels with bread are less” can be translated as “all griefs with bread are less”, Which exactly translates 'the penalties with bread are less'.

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