Meaning of Common place

What is Common Place:

A commonplace is a phrase, expression or idea that, due to its frequent use, has become trivial or has become worn out, losing meaning.

Common places are considered vices that impoverish language because they show little imagination or intellectual resources, they are simplifying and generalizing, they are not original or ingenious. They are copies of very hackneyed and worn phrases.

In this sense, commonplaces avoid the complexity of thought and appeal to simplification, they ring true although they feel artificial, and they end up becoming general principles, although they are already empty of meaning. Hence, its use when communicating our ideas or opinions may lead us to incur inaccuracies or ambiguities that it would be convenient to avoid in effective communication.

In rhetoric, for the ancients, the commonplaces were the arguments used by the speakers so that everyone could agree on a point and agree with him. Over time, they became so common that they lost their effect and became more like set phrases, worn-out clichés.

Synonyms of common place, in this sense, would be cliché, cliché, cliché or triviality.

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