Meaning of Lust

What is Lust:

Lust is the opposite vice to chastity, unbalanced sexual appetite. Likewise, it is the exuberance or abundance in some things that stimulate the senses, for example, "your wardrobe offers a lust for accessories."

The word lust originates from the Latin luxus What does it mean "abundance"Or"exuberance”. It is also associated with the word lasciviousness that refers to "uncontrollable sexual desire."

Lust can be used as a synonym for lust, excitement, sensuality, voluptuousness, lust, among others. Among the antonyms that can be used for the term lust are chastity, rescue, modesty, purity, among others.

On the other hand, lustful is an adjective that is used to indicate the person given to lust. Likewise, lustful is that vicious, lush individual who possesses enormous abundance.

Lustful behaviors are fundamentally characterized by outburst or rage and sexual lack of control that is manifested in the behavior of individuals.

In the area of ​​psychology, lust is related to possessive thoughts about another person. This is considered a matter of care because the individual can take a dangerous attitude, since it acquires a pathological level that can generate complex and serious behaviors.

For example, sexual abuse, rape, adultery, prostitution, among others.

However, various laws have been created in many countries so that people who have been affected, in various ways, by the lustful acts of other individuals can report and condemn such acts.

It should be noted that acts of lust, being excessive and uncontrollable by those who experience them, often do not take the necessary precautions and can contract or infect others with various sexually transmitted diseases.

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Lust in the Bible

Lust is a term that occurs in various religious beliefs. For example, in Islam lust is any sexual relationship outside of marriage, on the other hand, in Buddhism and Hinduism lust is part of the anguish or evils that cause pain.

Now, lust for the Christian religion is one of the seven deadly sins included within the classification of lustful vices or desires for possession that human beings can commit due to uncontrollable sexual desire.

Lust is a sin mentioned in the sixth commandment of God that states “Thou shalt not commit impure acts”.

For this reason, lust is considered a sinful or immoral behavior, as the Bible indicates in the book Matthew, chapter 5, verse 28, in which it is mentioned that any individual who looks at a woman to lust for her, has already committed adultery with her in her heart.

It should be clarified that in the Catholic religion it maintains that sexual desire is not bad, rather it refers to the misuse of sex as lust, which is considered an anomaly of the human sexual appetite.

There is no single way to lessen lust; God's grace allows us to calm it since it manifested itself to men to renounce impiety and worldly desires, yearning for human beings to enjoy a sober, just and pious life.

Love towards God and the recognition of the other, as an object of divine creation, is a sign of love that seeks to honor, value and seek the best for the other person.

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