Meaning of Teacher

What is Maestro:

The teacher is the professional who teaches in the school and the concept encompasses all those who have an official degree to teach a science, an art or a trade. The title is the formalization of great experience, wisdom or skill about what is taught.

Maestro derives from the Latin magister composed of the prefix magis- which means more and the suffix -ter indicating a contrast. The origin of the word teacher then referred to a person who achieves a high degree or the highest level of knowledge or competence that he could aspire to.

Being faithful to the origin of the word master, the word can be used both in people and in objects or works that stand out among their class for their relevance and perfection, such as, for example, we can say: “The painting of the Mona Lisa it is a masterpiece ”.

Among the different areas in which people can be called a teacher for their experience, wisdom and special and proven ability are:

  • Craftsmen of the highest degree, such as a master carpenter.
  • Person who has a master's (postgraduate) course
  • Person with knowledge in philosophical and spiritual currents, such as a reiki master or martial arts teacher.

The synonyms for teacher are: teacher, teacher, guru, wise, educated. Among the antonyms for teacher are the words: student, apprentice, disciple, inexperienced, ignorant.

The word teacher in English translates as teacher for those who teach in school and master for the other disciplines.

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