Mal meaning of many consolation of fools

What is evil of many consolation of fools:

Evil of many consolations of fools is a popular saying that a misfortune is no more bearable when everyone suffers it.

It can be said that this saying is related to misfortune or consolation, since there are people who console themselves with knowing that not only misfortune or misfortune happens to them, this idea being absurd since problems do not improve because they affect everyone.

The expression of this phrase teaches all individuals that looking for people who are in the same situation of misery is not enough to solve the problem, although it is no less true that they can feel comfort with others who are in the same difficulty, for example: the student who was expelled from class along with all his classmates, surely it is a relief for him that they all received the same punishment, but this will not solve the problem in which he is immersed.

Sometimes, only the first part is used in a text, and other times the second part, for example: evil of many ..., consolations of fools ... In addition, it has some variants, such as "evil of many, joy is", "evil of many, consoles horrors "," evil of many, consolations of fools ", among others.

In English, the expression "Two in distress makes sorrow less"In Spanish it would be "two in trouble make the penalty less", it is used in the same sense.

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