Meaning of Malinchismo

What is Malinchismo:

Malinchism is the attitude of someone who prefers what is foreign and rejects or belittles what is their own. It is a word from Mexico and has a pejorative sense.

The word malinchismo is derived from Malinche, which was the nickname of the Nahua slave who was Hernán Cortés' interpreter, guide, counselor and lover during the Spanish invasion of present-day Mexico, between 1519 and 1521.

La Malinche, as such, was crucial for the Spanish to be able to establish alliances and defeat the Mexica Empire, also known as the Aztec.

For this reason, in the imaginary and the historiography of Mexico, Malinche is considered a traitor, since she preferred to favor foreigners than her own.

Hence, we speak of malinchismo when seeking to characterize the permeability of a social or ethnic group to customs or habits other than their own.

Thus, the Malinchistas embrace the foreign for the simple fact of coming from abroad and supposedly being better than the national. In this way, malinchismo tends to be foreign.

In any case, the most serious thing about malinchismo is that it implies the uncritical overvaluation of the foreign and the rejection, equally uncritical, of the own.

The attitude opposed to malinchismo is chauvinism, which supposes the disproportionate exaltation of the national before the foreign.

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