Meaning of Malware

What is Malware:

Malware is an acronym from the English of malicious software, translated into Spanish as malicious code. The malwares They are programs designed to infiltrate a system in order to damage or steal data and information.

Is called malware to all programs that perform unwanted actions on a computer system and is one of the main concerns of the field of computer security.

Types malwares

Within the malwares, we can find, for example:

  • Viruses: they can delete files, directories and data without authorization.
  • Spyware: collects user data without their permission, from email messages to credit card numbers.
  • Worms: they lodge in a system creating infinite copies of themselves, in order to collapse the network or the device blocking any additional work.
  • Trojan horses or Trojans: when activated or opened, allows unauthorized access to data on the infected computer or computer system.
  • Malicious bots: designed to carry out unwanted actions by the user.
  • Adware- Programs designed to invade systems with adware.

See also:

  • Bots.
  • Cybercrime.
  • Informatic security.

How to eliminate or prevent malwares

The most effective way to prevent malwares is the installation of programs that detect them, such as antivirus, anti-malwares or anti-spyware, that can scan the computer regularly, prevent attacks and maintain up-to-date protection.

See also Antivirus.

Symptoms of infection by malwares

Some of the symptoms that the computer can present when infected with malwares are:

  • Slow processing
  • Run unknown processes
  • Interrupt your internet connection
  • Windows with warning messages appear
  • Behaves strangely

Ways of contagion malwares

  • Open unknown files sent by email,
  • Browse the Internet without updating antivirus or anti-virus programsmalwares,
  • Browse in insecure networks,
  • Download programs and softwares from unknown sources,
  • Open files with unknown extensions.
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