Meaning of Mannequin

What is the Mannequin:

Mannequin comes from the French mannequin, which derives from the Dutch manneken or mannekijn, which is the diminutive of man (man), therefore, means little man. A mannequin is an articulated figure or model with a human shape, and in many cases it is a life-size figure, which can be made of cardboard, plastic, wood, etc. The plural of mannequin is mannequins.

It has different uses, one of them is to show or display clothing, for example, it is used by window dressers to place them with clothes in shop windows or inside clothing stores.

For dressmakers or fashion designers, a mannequin or a sewing mannequin is a frame or a three-dimensional model with a figure of the human body, but without limbs, only the torso is shown, and it is used to try and fix clothes that are they are making.

Colloquially, a mannequin is said to be a person who is always very well dressed and takes great care of his outward appearance.

Professionally, a person who is dedicated to displaying or exhibiting clothing and new models from fashion houses in public, at parades or on fashion catwalks, is a mannequin, and is also called a model.

In the art world, a mannequin is an articulated wooden figure used especially by sculptors and also by painters.

In figurative use, a mannequin is a person without character and without will or weak will, who allows himself to be handled by people, and is also called a marionette or puppet.

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