Meaning of Preventive Maintenance

What is Preventive Maintenance:

Preventive maintenance is that which is carried out in advance in order to prevent the emergence of breakdowns in appliances, electronic equipment, motor vehicles, heavy machinery, etc.

Some preventive maintenance actions are: adjustments, cleaning, analysis, lubrication, calibration, repair, part changes, among others. In the area of ​​computing, preventive maintenance consists of reviewing the software and hardware of the PC or computer, which allows the user to have a reliable equipment to exchange information at maximum speed with respect to the system configuration.

In reference to the above, in the IT area, preventive maintenance and updated maintenance must be differentiated since the latter is produced at the request of the user in order to improve the system by updating the technological programs contained in the computer.

In the same way, the cost of preventive maintenance is calculated through overtime, helpers' time and labor, as well as the inventory of spare parts, for example: in automobiles, change of filters, lubrication, etc., each replacement has a different cost.

Preventive maintenance is carried out periodically. In the same way, preventive maintenance aims to detect failures that may lead to the malfunction of the object under maintenance and, in this way, high repair costs are avoided and the probability of unforeseen stoppages is reduced, as well as allowing a longer duration of operation. equipment and facilities and greater safety for workers, especially in the case of those employees who work in industries with large machinery.

Preventive maintenance is divided into: scheduled maintenance, predictive maintenance and opportunity maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is characterized by being carried out in a certain time or mileage, as is the case with cars; Predictive maintenance is carried out through a follow-up that determines the moment in which the aforementioned maintenance should be carried out and, maintenance of opportunity as indicated by its name is carried out taking advantage of the periods in which the object is not used.

On the other hand, the person in charge of carrying out the different types of maintenance on machinery, equipment, vehicles, among others, are called technicians, they are individuals with abilities or skills in relation to this area.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance, as its name indicates, is characterized by correcting or repairing defects in equipment and machinery. However, when corrective maintenance is carried out immediately on the equipment it can be called contingent corrective maintenance, on the other hand, when the day is scheduled to review and correct the equipment failure it is known as programmable corrective maintenance.

Corrective maintenance is characterized by the repair of the machine or equipment by exchanging the damaged part for another, making the system work correctly again.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance consists of predicting future equipment, automobile or machinery failures. Predictive maintenance is carried out when the machinery presents some signal, for example: noise, vibration, temperatures, among others and, by the constant monitoring of the equipment by the individual who uses it.

Predictive maintenance manages to prevent possible errors that require corrective maintenance.

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