Meaning of Mantra

What is Mantra:

The mantra is a Sanskrit word that aims to relax and induce a state of meditation in the one who sings or listens. The word is made up of 2 expressions "mantra" What does it mean "mind" Y "tra"Which expresses"release”.

In meditation, the mantra is a combination of sounds of words, syllables or group of them that free the mind from the material or worldly experience. Likewise, the term mantra identifies the set of verses and prose that are considered as a prayer that serves to praise the gods.

The word mantra is used in Hindu and Buddhist civilization. Mantras work through the constant repetition of prayer and sounds aloud and internally and, in this way, it is possible to discard thoughts to focus on meditation and achieve healing and spiritual development. However, some Buddhist traditions indicate that the mantra will only take effect if its recitation is authorized or supervised by a guru or lama.

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