Meaning of Mockup

What is Mockup:

A model is a scale replica of an object, with the purpose of projecting its final result or facilitating its study by viewing all its angles.

By means of the models, it is possible to check elements such as the functionality of a certain product as well as its aesthetics.

The term model has application in many fields such as architecture, engineering, industrial design, graphic design, music, the arms and naval industry, etc.

Model in architecture

Reconstitution to scale of the Acropolis of Athens.

The term is frequently used in architecture to refer to the scale reproduction of existing architectural projects or monuments that need to be observed and analyzed in aspects such as volumetry, materials, functionality, etc.

It is also often used to reconstruct the original appearance of certain historical places that have partially or totally disappeared.

The most used scales in architecture are usually the following: 1:20 | 1:25 | 1:50 | 1:75 | 1: 100 | 1: 125 | 1: 200 | 1: 250 | 1: 500 | 1: 750 | 1: 1000. The type of scale chosen will depend on the rigor of the details of the model.

Today, both architectural models and industrial engineering and design models can be made on 3D printers.

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Model in industrial design and engineering

Hydroelectric turbine model.

Similarly, in the world of industrial design and engineering, a model is a scale replica of a prototype that will serve as a guide for the serial production of the object in question. This includes appliances, heavy machinery, furniture, packaging, and much more.

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Mockup in graphic design

Layout mockup.

There is also talk of a model in the publishing world and graphic design to refer to the layout sketches of books, magazines and the press in general, which allow to verify the visual composition of the set and identify possible errors before going to press.

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Music mockup

In the music industry, a demo or demo is a provisional recording that is made in order to make known to producers and investors what a certain album will be, which is still in the production phase.

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