Meaning of Machiavellian

What is Machiavellian:

The term Machiavellian is an adjective that is used to indicate the actions or attitudes of cunning, deception and doubleness that some people use in order to achieve a specific purpose regardless of the means used to achieve it.

The origin of the word Machiavellian comes from the current of thought called Machiavellianism, which arose from the studies and analysis of the works of the Italian writer Nicolás Machiavelli, author of the renowned book Prince.

Machiavelli exposes in his literary works his interest in political issues and the power struggle, in which he presented that politics should be separated from the moral and the religious, hence all actions that are negative or immoral are considered Machiavellian. according to society.

According to Machiavelli, the important thing is to achieve the proposed end regardless of the means. In other words, politicians must work to achieve power without stopping or giving greater importance to what is considered morally and religiously correct. It is a way to justify immoral actions.

However, based on a psychological analysis, a Machiavellian person is one who is manipulative, who is used to deceiving others and even using them to advance their goals.

Machiavellian people are characterized by being flattering, they pretend that they are honest when in reality they are not, consequently they tend to say what others want to hear even if it is a lie.

The word Machiavellian can be replaced by the following synonyms: cunning, liar or deceptive.

Unfortunately, these types of individuals can be found anywhere, it can be in a political position, a job, a group of friends or even in the family.

For example, in the workplace it is quite possible to meet a Machiavellian person who is willing to succeed at the cost of his reputation or relationship with his co-workers. In these cases, the Machiavellian incurs dishonest and harmful actions against others.

Besides, Machiavellian is the title of a song by the late Venezuelan rapper and composer Tyrone José González Orama, known by his stage name as Canserbero. The lyrics of this song expose a series of reflections on a failed romantic relationship.

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