Meaning of Marea

What is Marea:

The tide is a natural phenomenon of the rise and fall of the sea level caused by the forces of gravity between the Earth and the Moon.

To understand how the tides work, it is necessary to know the movement of the planet Earth with respect to the Moon, taking into account the following:

First: the rotational movement of the Earth (turning on its own axis) makes the bodies of water remain stable due to the conjugation of the gravitational force of the earth that attracts the waters inwards and the centrifugal force that pushes the waters to the outside.

Second: the stability of the sea on Earth is affected by the gravitational force of the Moon, which creates an imbalance of forces attracting the mass of water towards it and causing high tides.

Third: both the Moon and the Earth share the same gravitational center, because the Moon revolves around the Earth, therefore, high tides do not only occur on the side where the Moon is, but also on the opposite side of it, creating two high tides during a day or a rotation of the Earth on itself.

Fourth: Low tides are produced naturally on the sides of where high tides are generated on Earth, creating a mass of water oval to Earth.

The Sun does not have such a noticeable impact on the Earth's waters despite having a greater gravitational force (having more mass) since it is at a greater distance from the Earth with respect to the Moon.

The influence of the sun can be appreciated when the Sun aligns itself with the Moon and the Earth, intensifying the high tide also called the perigee tide. On these occasions, the phase of the Moon is new or full and can look especially good with the appearance of the supermoon.

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