Meaning of Bird in hand is better than a hundred flying

What is a bird in hand better than a hundred flying:

A bird in hand is better than a hundred flying is a popular saying, which values ​​all that is safe, in relation to what is unsafe. This saying teaches the individual that what is certain is worth more, despite having less value, than something that is better but is not certain, which may be just a mere hypothesis, so it discourages changing the true for the uncertain.

It is a saying that can be used in various situations, such as: someone who prefers a job with a low salary but that guarantees a long-term contract, instead of a very well-paid job but in a company that can close in any time or with a definite time contract. In these contexts it can be said that “a bird in hand is better than a hundred flying”.

Despite the popularity of this proverb, it has its variants, such as: “bird in hand is better than hundreds flying”, “bird in hand is better than two in the corral”, “bird in hand is better, What a flying vulture ”, among others.

Regarding this saying, it is no less true and respectable that there are people who prefer to catch birds, that is, they prefer to risk, as another saying indicates: "who does not risk, does not win", and hence the individual's decision to have little but safe or risk and get something else.

In English, it can be translated as "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush'.

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