Meaning of Better alone than in bad company

What is Better alone than in bad company:

Better alone than in bad company, is a popular saying of the Spanish-speaking people, in current use, used to give advice or a warning regarding the companies that the subject surrounds.

This proverb reflects traditional wisdom and experience, since it teaches that loneliness is preferable to bad company, this is because sometimes man is surrounded by people who are a bad influence, and behind that friendship that proves to be sincere, the only thing that exists is envy, the desire for evil and physical or psychological harm to the individual.

That is why the saying reminds the individual that sometimes loneliness is better than sharing their time, actions, achievements, in short, daily life with a bad company that is not pleasant and does not have the same degree of goodness. , loyalty, gratitude and honesty than the other party.

It is a saying that can be used in various situations, since its use can be extended to friendships or love relationships, with the same meaning. For example: when a group of people harm each other, this saying is often used as advice for the physical, psychological and personal well-being of the individual.

Regarding this saying, it is no less true and respectable that there are individuals who prefer bad company, to tolerate more than they should, only with fear of facing loneliness, that is, they prefer a harmful company than being alone.

Despite the popularity of the saying, it presents some variants such as: “it is better to be alone than in bad company”, “it is better to walk alone than in bad company”, “it is better for a man to walk alone than with a bad companion”.

In English, the expression “better alone than in bad company” can be translated into "it is better to be alone than in bad company"

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