Meaning of Marriage

What is Marriage:

Marriage is designated as the union between two people, whether it is a man and a woman or two people of the same sex, which is established through religious rites or through a series of legal formalities, to maintain a community of life and interests. The word comes from Latin matrimonum.

As such, marriage is a social institution that enjoys legal recognition and, consequently, implies for the spouses a series of duties and rights of a patrimonial and domestic nature, established within the civil law of each country. The fundamental meaning of marriage is the constitution of a family, so that it gives legitimacy to the children procreated or adopted during the union.

In most of the Western world, only heterosexual monogamous marriage is established as legal, which implies this will always and only be celebrated between two people of the opposite sex, since it is argued that one of the motivations of marriage is procreation.

However, throughout the world, marriage finds the most diverse expressions. On the one hand, in some Western countries, progress is being made in legislation so that marriage between persons of the same sex is a legal bond of a juridical nature. On the other, there are countries where there are different practices, such as polygamy, or marriage between more than two people, which means that a man, for example, could marry more than one woman.

We can also use the word marriage to refer to a couple who are united in marriage. Likewise, in Latin America, it is usual to call the party that the bride and groom give to celebrate their marriage by that name.

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